25 and The Best Gift

Been through so many unexpected, hard, things in life for the past several months, has made me become such a zero expectation human. I can’t be more ready to face the worst scenario in every aspect in my life. My job, my love life, my family. I feel like I’m gonna be okay if there’s something which is not really good happen on them, and be more okay if actually things that happens are good. My job is trying to make it good, but I don’t mind if the results aren’t that good. I call it destiny. For the sake of my health, mind and body, I do not expect anything, anymore. Anything. And life just be greater and easier to live, trust me.

And on that day I turned 25. One or two night before the day, Aldy said that it was the lowest point on him, that he couldn’t propose me right on my birthday. The payment from one of his biggest client hasn’t been done. And the spending of the 40 days pray of his grand mother’s left was just too much, he also contributed to it. Very wisely I said that my birthday is a happy day for me, but the day he propose me will be one of the beautiful day in my life, and it doesn’t always need to happen on the same day. I’m good at zero expecting, as I’ve said before.

I arrived at my office that morning and found my table had been decorated. Such a cute beginning, I thought. Half an hour later all of my friends came to me with two cakes and a gift (from Teh Dwi). That actually the first time my birthday were celebrated by quite lot of friends in my office. Usually the celebration only included my cubicle friends. We took some photos and shared the cake. Oh and I just remembered that usually Aldy came too to gave me surprises. The first, and the third years we celebrated my birthday at my office. On the second year I was sick that he gave me surprise in front of my boarding house. This year is the fourth year, and he’s not coming, I thought. But I’d asked him to have dinner with me in Dago Pakar. Well at least we would have a time to spend together on my birthday. Basicly I’m not a big-surprise fan.

After office hour, I went to Cafe Halaman where Aldy had a meeting with his colleagues. It was almost finished, and he went to pay the bill. He came back and some minutes later a waiter came and said there was something he need to ask Aldy. He went away again and came back, saying there was an error in his debit payment. Suddenly the music on the cafe played a birthday song, and my reflected action was, “what was that?”, a waiter came to my table bringing a pancake with an ice cream and chocolate sauce written “Happy Birthday Dinda”. Oh, that was just unpredictable, I must say.

The meeting was finally over and we decided to have dinner in Sierra. Teh Dwi recommended the restaurant because of  its good meal, affordable price, and magnificent view. And yes, I agree to her! I brought the gift from Teh Dwi and opened it there. “Here’s the gift from Teh Dwi,” I said to Aldy. “We’ll buy your gift tomorrow, ok?” he said to me. Did he really mean “we”? It must be a different gift, I thought, because “we” should buy it together. But what would it be? I was wondering. We finished our meal and I went to the spot where I could see that very sentimental view of Bandung. What a very breathtaking view. I went back to my table and back to my confuse. “Where are we going tomorrow?”. “Around Pasir Kaliki or maybe Saritem,”.

I couldn’t lie but I browsed those silly keywords: jewelry shop around Pasir Kaliki and Saritem. Not much of them there. But hey, did I expect too much? I should handle this, I told myself. Apparently I couldn’t resist it at that time. I couldn’t sleep until 3.30 AM, wondering what would happen the next day, would my life be different. I slept but kept awaken almost every hour. It was already 8 AM and finally I had the right time to ask, “We’re going to go at 9 AM, right?”. “I’m sorry the car is still used,”. “We can go on afternoon, aren’t we?”. “I don’t want to disturb your event with friends today,”. Tell me how could I go calmly to them with this almost bursted curious feeling? Okay, I should be patient. A better patience would make a better result. “Just tell me where exactly we’re going to go,”. “Around Otista I think,”.  Nah, that was relieving, and promising. I met my friend and there was so much fun that I easily forgot my uncertain feeling. We had gifts exchanging, karaoke, and finally late night talk with my old boarding house friend, Tya.

And, finally I met Sunday and again, I asked him, “Are we going to the place you wanna go today?”. “Yes, but I still have some business to be done,”. An hour later he texted me, “ I’m in front of your house,”. What, I’d just a took a shower and normally I would need 15 minutes to get my dress done. But guess what, I did it less than 5 minutes at that moment. Because I couldn’t wait! We were driving to Otista, and he opened google maps sometimes. By the time we reached Otista, he finally said, “Tell me if you find Wellman signage,”. Seemed I had read it several days ago. Yes, it was one of the jewelry shop mentioned on google. I didn’t know exactly how to react, I just smiled calmly. We went in and he asked to the shopkeeper, “Can you help us choosing our rings? Engagement or wedding? Ah, better be wedding, right?”.

It happened so quickly and here I am now, waiting our wedding rings to be done. It wasn’t dramatic, it wasn’t held on a special occasion, but I knew that time he was sure to choose me as his life partner. And it happened when I’d already left all my destiny to God, when I’d been ready to face the worst scenario. It’s funny to remember how I still griped all uncertainty in my life to some of my friends weeks and months ago. But no one ever know how God has set our lives.


Back to the rings, we chose different kind of rings. I didn’t know it was allowed, until the shopkeeper told us so, and showing us some examples of different couple rings. Our principle was rings that we like and we would wear it everyday. Aldy likes the ring that has a bit accent on it. I love its pair, but I think it would be risky to wear that fully swarovskis or diamonds ring in my daily life. I’m a public transportation user. So I chose the simpler ring. It looks beautiful on my tiny finger and I of course I can wear it daily. But the pair of my chosen ring was too feminine in Aldy’s huge finger. After we chose, we continued the transaction (payment) to the inner part of the shop. By the way I recommend this shop for buying the wedding rings: it maybe small but the service was really good. The information of the gold/other metals content was clear, as we were given a paper fully written of it. The shopkeeper said that the quality of the metals from the shop were better than the other shops, as the color of the metal wouldn’t change (blackened). Well, let’s see how the result is. Hope I have a time to write it later.

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