Keanehan lain menyusul, yakni jawaban muncul dengan sendirinya tanpa proses berpikir: memang ini jalannya. Itukah yang dinamakan firasat? Menahun sudah aku tahu, hari ini akan tiba. Tapi bagaimana bisa pernah kujelaskan? Aku menyayangimu seperti kusayangi diriku sendiri. Bagaimana bisa kita ingin berpisah dengan diri sendiri?

Barangkali itulah mengapa kematian ada, aku menduga. Mengapa kita mengenal konsep berpisah dengan diri kita sendiri; dengan proyeksi. Diri yang telah menjelma menjadi manusia yang kita cintai.

Dee – Peluk


Malam itu untuk pertama kalinya lagu itu terdengar. Kata-kata sederhana nan apik dibalut dengan lantunan musik yang indah. Shazam pun dalam sekejap menampilkan “Rectoverso – Curhat Buat Sahabat” di layarnya. Lenyap rasa heran itu sesaat.

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it’s all about money

This weeks is gonna be the “spending money” week. I’d just bought some clothings, and still have a “not so few” money debt with my mom, when suddenly this noon my friend asked me to go to a shopping center. Well, at the first time, we just planned for having a lunch there, but it followed by an offer “How about going to Gramedia?”, and I said “yes, just take a look,”.

I found the Dee’s Rectoverso there, a book that hasn’t interested me since months ago, eventhough I like her literatures so much. I decided to read the unsealed one. As usual, I love the way she writes a story. And…I though I should have that book (let’s forget the ‘just take a look’ statement :mrgreen: ). But I had to think twice before I buy it, you know, it has a hard cover and fine papers, and I tried to find the soft covered one (now I realize that Dee didn’t make the soft covered edition, haha). No, I can’t buy it, I mumbled. It’s too expensive.

I went to the other category bookshelfs, I saw Meg Cabot’s ‘Ready or Not?’, the second series of ‘American Girl’. I want it too! I like the first series! But suddenly something made me want to read Rectoverso again. I went back, and openned the book, and not on purpose found these words,

“Sebotol mahal anggur putih ada di depan matamu, tapi kamu tak pernah tahu. Kamu terus menanti. Segelas air putih.”

Honestly my heart was pounding at that moment. I don’t know but I felt something unsual. Painful but I like that feeling. I must have this book, I told myself. And tadaa, now I’ve read half of that book 😉

When we went to the lower ground, we saw a dvd shop and heiii, I found ‘Heartbreak Library’ there! I couldn’t wait to watch Wookie and Eugene! Well, I bought it too. Okay, enough for today’s spending…

But wait, now we were on the way of go home, when my friend decided to visit the overconfidenced dvd seller’s shop! Gee, that hell! I just waited in other shop, when she told me that he wasn’t there. Great not to see you, hahah. Then I enjoyed my heaven : a shelf fulled of korean drama, woohooo. Errrr, I found a lot of great dramas to watch such as

  • Autumn in My Heart. When I whined to my friend, want to buy it too, she said “yea, that film made me starting to like korean drama”. Huaaa, I want to watch it. Ssst, actually Sipa had lend me one, but it doesn’t work, heheee

  • Witch Yoo Hee. I remembered that this drama is included one of the greatest drama. I never see Han Ga In’s act, so I want to watch it. Besides, there were Kim Jung Hoon and Jae Hee took roles in this drama too 😉

  • My Little Bride. This is about a marriage of a young girl with an old lawyer. (Old doesn’t matter if it was starred by Lee Dong Gun, haha). Actually, I’m always interested with a drama of marriage 😀

  • Beethoven Virus. This drama is a copycat of Nodame Cantabile. I often hear people praise this drama. And also, I like the theme of the drama. Classical music.

  • Last, World Within. I just miss Song Hye Kyo and Hyunbin’s acts. Actually I’d ever watched this drama on KBSworld. But its schedule was suck…

I wonder if the Boys Before Flower’s DVD has came out, I’ll put it on the second list.

By the way, I’m in terrible ill now, I feel queasy, and my hands keep shaking so I can’t hold something tightly. I don’t know wether it still the Dee’s words effect or not. Yeah, she is such a great writer, that I can’t missing just one word of her writing.

Woaaa, I need a lot of money to buy those all above :mrgreen: