I heard one or two – or maybe even more – it must be more – relieving breath in this moment. Showing up the best gratitude they’ve never given to others before. Last time I saw them smiled, knowing the last precious heart they’ve known for a long time struggling for her better world had been finally saved. The last one they’ve known. Furthermore our responsibility is only as far as be grateful of our destiny for being dissociated with the thing that undoubtly would bring us to the greatest fear we’ve ever thought about before. Something that couldn’t be worse for such a woman being. Now we’ll sit down here and watch. Another one was just got into huge trouble, a timed bomb packed in hillarious wraps that would explode in annual periods. The second, or even third calls would be arrived. And that might become the time people realized that something was wrong, not going wrong. We’re gonna be the first people said, “I told you,”. The time I finally say the same thing they usually told me in the past.

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