The Vow

“I’ve sworn for it…”

It left me with a silence. Something ready to burst, but I knew I shouldn’t be that happy and believe. And I drowned into self-contemplation, until I realize something: I’m affraid.

Isn’t this what I want for a long time? In fact, I start to worry about everything, financial, family relationship, and even those mature things. Am I ready yet? Well I should. And there wouldn’t be any words could describe how my feeling, how my life will be, if God gives us the chance this time. Kind of have a half of my dream will be reached. I couldn’t imagine how all of these kind of incredible things came to me in a sudden. Every little girl’s dream that by the time she grows up should be pressed in the name being of realistic, but apparently are ready to be started in the end, for an instant.

The most important thing I learn these days is, so typical actually, but, please, dare to dream. No, the most important thing is… there’s no fool dream. There’s only common, uncommon, prestigious, and subjectively unprestigious dreams. But every of it deserves a chance to be true. Regardless of what actually would be decided for me in the end, I just couldn’t hold this tons of happiness I’m feeling right now. Let me write every hope I was given.


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