That night was different. You spilled out some of your worries, and I wouldn’t ever to stop you, instead tried to find it more. I captured lots of moments you were staring outside of the real circumstance at that moment. Lots of moments, I repeat. You’re in so much pain, I could see it in your eyes. You’re just an ordinary person trying to catch your dream, or the loves one, in your own way. You feel like you’re secretly planned as someone, other person’s dream. It sounds more like a reciprocation, not a filial, you told me. Ah, working life always seems so cruel. But that night I felt like I knew you a lot more than before. A more valuable existence of each of us, especially me. I clearly remembered you said that you didn’t have anyone else to share things like these. I must be the lucky one to heard this unopenned guy’s worries. The next afternoon you suddenly apologized for having the night before so serious. I asked why? I felt my existence more valuable instead of feeling so bored with everything you had told me. Then you gave me lots of smile. I should tell you in other day that love for me is not all about watching theater, having dinner, or having jokes together, but having and diving in tons of problems of life together, in order to raise our happiness together…


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