Why It Should Be Me?

Below the full moon, I was taken by motorcycle tonite, and asked him for the 1000th

“Why it should be me?”. “You ask this every month *laugh*”. “I still didn’t get it”. “When we have no reason in it, it should be called love. If we’re here for a reason, then we’re also break up for a reason someday”. “But if you have no reason, then you will have no reason for breaking me up”. “Should we still ask God the reason for meeting us? Let Him decides for us, and we better not too much ask about His decision. It’s our fate to meet, just have it flow. Even long relationship doesn’t always end in marriage, how long did you spend for your previous?”. “Almost 3 years”. “You didn’t marry him, rite?”. “Yes”. “Now you just have to learn more how to believe in fate, His decision. As long as your existence bring blessings, and lead us into a better person,”

That moment I almost forgot that everything happens for a reason, fate from God, and I shouldn’t ask too much about it. Just live it well. True 🙂


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