Annually Need to be Expressed

I was not okay since the first step after my turn, came into my box, I smelled all variety of the food inside it. I just want to threw all of the things out of my belly. I was not okay. And when I had the tracks resumed, kind of strings of the heart, I was just burst into tears I didn’t know what the reason was. Nothing bad even had happened a moment before. Why? What was with me? Confusion of what had caused me to act like that. I just need to spilled out all of these, annually, I though. Minutes left, and I had done with that. Then I felt more than okay. I’m okay. Those all were just a mixed emotions that need to be expressed, annually. They were too much held inside. But I admit I would always secretly have a joy in every single kind of those things, confusion, sadness, messy, any other things, just like what I’ve told to someone tonight. The point when I feel as a human being most in my life, I think…


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