This is Real, isn’t It?

I learn about some factors that will lead someone into a deep sense of the city. Two of them are the meaning and legibility. And it apparently works for other side of our life too, like sense into someone, sense into something, including a song. The second time I heard this, I know it was legible for me. When and where exactly I heard this song before? In the same place, same gestures, same circumstance. The time I couldn’t stop saying “Please don’t leave me. You won’t, will you? Please..”. And till the second time, I started to understand what she was singing about. I added that night, “This is real, isn’t it?”. The thing is this song is very related for the dream and sleep things I wrote before in my previous posts. And those experience just brings a new meaning for the song to me. Like, everytime I listen to this, I feel all my existence slowly disappear and suddenly I live my moments those nights.

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