Sleep (2)

When somebody made everything seems clearer, like saying “you’re not dreaming, you’re not sleeping, this is all real“. I didn’t know exactly what’s in this person that I could build my sacred trust again. It all might be layed on your eyes. Being pulled into a very optimistic circumstance, who wants to get any failure in our life? And being encouraged, “we should, and we could make it true”. In another chance I braved myself to ensure my future quantitively and used my planning intuition, what the steps were, how long would it take, et cetera. Life seems far more interesting to live when I finally knew all of them, points and numbers. Now you’re the only one who decided wether you lied or not, I’m sleeping or not, I’m dreaming or not. When you became the person who told that I was not sleeping nor being in any dream, you also become the only one who could wake me up from all of these in the day after. Thought this would be another big decision in my life, but I try to live it in a very relaxed mode. Entirely relying on a trust, something I used to be affraid of, but I shouldn’t be.

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