You could see how deep someone’s feeling is, from how long it stands, how much time it takes, even when you actually couldn’t have who you want yet. Thought I found another miracle in my life, when I realized that this kind of person does really exist. Those random things from unexpected person before, apparently meant something. Happened years ago, didn’t stop at that moment, appeared at least a year and several months ago. Some of them were realized, others were not. “It was clearly seen”, a person told me, and this time I finally could believe what I’ve been told before. Really, I mean, I didn’t even remember anything about that moment? How I was treated, how I was asked, how I was starred at, how I was being talked about, three years ago. What was left on my mind only is this girl who still didn’t care about how she looked at all, sitting in front of her notebook at night, trying to find who the hell person she was talking to a whole that day, the one that couldn’t stop smiling and laughing even just for a second, knowing what kind of girl he chose. The thing I did next was be thankful for who I had that moment and forgetting all of what I couldn’t have, unless I was a cheater, if you know what I mean. So every bad thing doesn’t happened for no reason, does it? And I’ll still have a lot of beautiful magic things to be written. Kinda surprised at myself.


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