The true thing is, this thought had come for a long time, two or even three years, being forgotten to be written here. Suddenly this word came to me again by a friend whom I talked with several days ago.

I was always wondering what people are living for, when they or everybody knew they have it began badly. Pre-marrital pregnant, infidelity, or any other disasters. Pardon me for using entertainment context, but says Darius, Donna, Thessa, Chika, Vino, Marsha. Does word of “proving” ever cross their minds? Proving that something began badly actually could end happily ever after? That those lot things you’ve sacrificed before wouldn’t be nothing as what you get in the end? What if, that proving process apparently takes a long time, too long, and it didn’t work well in the end? Most of them live it well as you can see, but when something happened with Chika I was just a bit moved. Will others go after her? Or there are real things called happy ending started with such horrible beginning?

That moment I thought I was listenning to my own story, but it was actually other’s…

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