Trust and Politic (?)

A sacred trust was born from a sincerity. So I thought it would be foul if someone wrongly used it for a proffesional importance. This may sounds trivial for you. But this just made me releasing tears for several times. I’m a person who highly sacred to the worth of sincerity, honesty, trust, or other else. This warn me with how fake the world is. Now it requires us to be as fake as it is. For a simple reasons, kind of avoiding people’s ignorance of the existence, tempted with posistion offered, and all of those worldly thing just could make people left their morals. Such things would always happens in everything contained politic word, but I never know this would also happens in this too small surrounding. Such a big loss…

Found this in the draft, last edited on February 11, 2013 at 10:29 am. Thought I know what this is all about 😀 Too precious to be a draft..


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