They’re All Gifts

People come and go faster than we’ve ever tought before. Honestly I’m not ready yet with another’s coming with that serious intention while I’ve just inhaled this bliss a moment ago. My first intention is just a friendship, and even you’ve explained everything, it wouldn’t change, or even stronger than before. With all these over-empathy I got, I hope, or even try to make that feeling disappear. You’ll get hurt if you stand with that. And it only makes me hurt as if I were you. Nevertheless, it is true that loving is a person’s right. It’s not a false, yet couldn’t be blamed. It’s even a gift from God. I found out later that being loved, however, is also a gift I should thanked. They’re all gifts, even couldn’t come together, don’t you think so?

Last, let me write all of these here, so I know that this has became a part of my journey when I do the flashback through my blog in the future 🙂


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