Little Thoughts

That afternoon when I got into the red juke and affraid if I had contributed a piece of anger for minding the person beside me. Then it turned to a self-question, where I’ve been, like I’ve just known this good person for some minutes in the car! Began with asking me to reply a message on his phone, commonly people won’t do that in the first meeting after years hadn’t met each other, and to see a quiet, anti-social imaged or whatever they said in me. I mean, there’ll be not a lot of people would treat me like that. We headed into the jammed centered of Jakarta, that rare moment when I felt like I’m now a real part of this city, would I get something like this in the future, permanently maybe? No grumbles, music in impermeable space, and for that last reason made me think that I should have a mini-sized car, I would think a lot there for sure. I found out in the end that he’s still alone, oh man, where the girls have been? LOL. Forget it.


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