The Proud

“I bought it all, locked my room, deeply inhaled it, and phewff!! The smoke fulfill my room all of a sudden,”

One big question at that time for her, “Why?”

“You know how it feels, when you proof that you actually could do something people thought you couldn’t,”

I was in silent for a moment. The reason was just acceptable for me. There is a little, rare, precious proud you got when you do something people thought you couldn’t, or you won’t. Feels odd for the first, you’re heading a new world, world that you never expected being involved into it, neither did people. You never know exactly how was your feeling at that moment: affraid, strange, and despicably excited? It’s just a very beginning part, and should I be honest to myself that I would wait for the next part? That moment, I couldn’t get rid a whole of it from my mind, the details of the circumtance, the sound, the weather, the strange person beside me, all the things…

I just got into something, I repeatly told myself. Something people won’t know and don’t need to know. And the proud just get greater…


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