The Sewed Wounds

Old wound had been tightly sewed. When a connection of the thread unpurposely are unattached, the possibility for the damage of the whole sewing gets several times higher than before. A whole wounds just have to be prepared to be revealed once more. And it takes a long time to fix it up.

A little of mine are suddenly in damage. This proof of how bad I sewed my wound, and also proof of how looser I am. The time of how long my sewing will last had been missed to be involved during the consideration. It just led me into tears for the next one hour, moving from one place to another, from where my mate who know this well was sitting, until the empty bench on the 4th floor. That has just ruined me this great, this long time. I went home with this terrible looking, walking down the street that looked more crowded than its usual. Some people, or something, looked at me. Then I started do my worst habit: the ‘if only’

I griped to God, when this would be end, and what I should do with this…

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