Is Happiness All About Passion?

What is happiness?

Everyone defines these words differently. Happiness for a musician is when s/he makes the music, for a great mother is every moment she raises her children, for chefs when they cook, et cetra. I thought true happiness, in activity context (not in human relation context, or others) is when you have a joy with the process you do. Excellent goal is a bonus.craft

I realized months ago, there was a fundamental question stucked in my head. Is my activity now means a happines for me? There are times I’m quite excited doing my current tasks, but most of the times I feel tired and repeat asking myself, is this what I really want to do?

It reminds me with some of wishes I still couldn’t make them true. Playing piano/keyboard, feel every musical notes in them, finishing Paulo Coelho’s Veronica Decides to Die and other novels, finishing my cross stitch, finishing the tissue paper flowers, buying and finishing a complicated paper tole kit, baking or cooking, blogging, or yoga maybe, everything that could fill your soul, everything that not being limited by the time, that you can have a joy in every minute you do that. And unfortunately they’re all not something I can do now.

But a week ago, I went to beautiful place where I was given lot of lessons from great people. One of them told us about how many people finally get into their passion, instead of what they had learned in formal education before. They ended with less optimal effort, because it’s actually not their field, rivaled by many experts in that field in real context (formal education). Passion is important, but it’s better for us, to get into what our real field, where we’re actually more needed there. Because live is not all about your happiness, but others’ too. That’s how we could be optimal, constructing a better world.

It’s not me ignoring the importance of passion, but I was already grown in a wrong path, no I mean wrong passion, and I thought it’s too late to start all over again. That should be a new lesson for all. To live and grow in your passion. Find it as soon as you can, and implement your consistency in it.

Another important thing is how to put all your sincerity when you do something for others. That would also give you a joy in everything you do, filling your heart with the happiness elements, replacing the right of joy from your passion. At last, don’t ever think you’re the saddest person because you can’t do your passion in most of your life time. There are many other parameters of happiness. Passion is just one of it. You can do it as your hobby. Besides, happiness is valued in each day, not generally in your 70-80 years of life.

So what still makes you feel not happy with your activity now? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Is Happiness All About Passion?

  1. hi… hahahaha. as promised, i’m dropping by to your blog.
    at least, teteh, you’re lucky because you’re still able to think about your passion – whether you’ve actually found it or not. not many people have the luxury to even think about what their passion is. be grateful (i think)! lol

    i think i couldn’t comment much on this issue as you’ve already covered what i wanted to say. hahaha.
    it’s some sort of cliche but – ‘do what you love or love what you do’ applies in this case. there’s no other way. it’s your choice to do either of them.

    YOLO. hahahahahaha. don’t think much. enjoy (what you love).

    P.S you like Coelho? :O

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