The Way of Change

I once read an article told that most of women could hardly forget their past “several” times than men. And reminding men with their past becomes one of the most hateful thing for them. All I can say is: that’s true. Instead of my lots of gripes to him all this times, reflecting continuesly of how I never get statisfied from the explanation of what had happened, one night I finally found an inspiring answer.

That night I told that I felt sorry for him. He told me not to, saying that I didn’t do something wrong. That made me ask him for a thousand time if he had regretted to meet me. Never, he said, he couldn’t change this far and this better if he hadn’t met me. Then why have to be like this? He told that everyone has his/her own way to change. That might be the best way to change for him, a scenario God gave to made him better. It suddenly reminds me of Yusuf Mansur, how he got jailed twice in his life before he finally born back as a far better person. That was his way. The difference is just people could see the changes or not. That leaves me alone, believing that the wisdom behind all of these, are changes in him into a better person. Remember of one hadist said that three things God hate the most are wealth, position, and women? I thought I’ve secretly saved him from two of them.


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