I Found a Piece There

This is just wrongly happened. Now I know those things like that could be really exists, looking at someone else interestedly when you’ve already had someone to hold.

I’m the woman who follow my hearts, absolutely. I followed when it said that I should share my huge patience with a man, and I followed too when it said that actually I’ve got a piece of happiness-that I never received from him-from someone else, just in a day. And it continued to a growing comfortable feeling when I’m with the person. And how I start to see only from the bright and shining side, or the worst, everything that wasn’t there in who I have now.

The most hurtful part is when the person asked how I would go home when I’d already walked home for some steps and I should answered honestly “yes, there’ll be someone with me”

Sometimes I just want to be free. Well, that ‘sometimes’ is actually only a ΒΌ of the whole part of my time so far. I know what’s best for me, I can differ which one’s good, and which one’s not, and I know what should I do for myself.

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