Sometimes I Feel Not Happy With This

They were all reasonable. Those anxieties, unpeace feelings, cries… I never ask God to prove what Marcell Siahaan had sung in Firasat song. Something like “nature speaks”. But it really happened to me. They all brought me to those damn, shit, yuck, suck, fucking, disgusting facts. How much longer should I be patient? I’ve given you a huge mountain of patience and you ask for the second? Really, I do will crash your life if the way you crashed my life if you ask me for the third.

Now I feel like I’m the most experienced woman in dirty abnormal things like that. Looking down at what people around me face.

“That’s what will happened to our cheeks if we cried hard in the night before”

“You do that often?”

“Yeah,” she said, proud.

You only can tell that to all people here if your man cheated you with lot of other girls, meh.

You know, sometimes I feel not happy with this…


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