Let’s Save This Alone

Do you think people would always like to hear your gripes about life? And the answer tells me not to write gripe status as often as before.

Then where to pour? I myself still don’t know the right place to spill all my sadness out. I used to, and still save it alone.

That’s how we learn becoming a great pretender. Who knows you’re weeping hard in your room, in fact you just told a trashy dirty jokes to your friends?There are so many questions in your mind, but you never can ask what the answers are. You are not allowed.

Well, at least now there’s someone who could always tell me that he’s ready to be the place I share my sadness. People could live their life without a true action, they only need hopes to feel the perfect life. Not more than hopes…

You won’t hear my sadness anymore, you hate me everytime I told you. Yes, that is still the only thing that makes me sad.

I’ve listened to this song a year ago, and just realized how the lyrics are freakin damn true several months ago. A comment on the video says “I dedicated this song to my bf”, and I couldn’t stop laughing for a moment.


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