Stand Firmly

“People could say everything they want, in fact, we truly know what really happened, so it wouldn’t be a problem,”

Surprisingly inspired by word spilled out by a woman such as Sheila Marcia.

The fact that I truly know what really happened is the reason why I still stand here.

The fact that I know I wasn’t bad at all, and would never be, is the reason why I’m still alive now.

The fact that I truly know that I don’t deserve to be blame at all is the reason why those anxiety slowly go away.

Hard for the early times, you know how it feels when you live your single day while actually-unreasonable-guilty-feeling haunted you wherever and whenever you go, gives you nightmare and wasted your tears almost every night. And makes you keep saying words begin with “what if” or “if only”. “It shouldn’t be like this, deferring is not hard to do for me.”

Until one of my mate told me, “Don’t ever let away chance of something that will make you happy. It won’t come twice. And don’t ever let those acknowledge people block you from happiness”

And that night I just decided, I’m in. I’ll stand firmly with this.

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