Ruin Me

It’s raining hard outside. And I can’t stop healing my inhaler, aromatherapyc oil or whatever it is called. I’m out of breathe, for God’s sake. This suffocates me for these days, really. And there were some nights when I couldn’t sleep at all, awoke in every hour, felt my heart racing, thought it would popped out. (Lately I knew by browsing that racing-heart continuesly, without any clear reasons called as FA [atrium fibrilation])

A whole family gathered in the house. They weren’t supposed too see this madness. I had my smiled then. And a moment when I closed the gate for my mom and brother’s departure today, I just poured it all. Getting harder when I saw on the tv screen, Mi-Sun cried on Tak-Gu’s hug. Okay, I’ve been always melted into such scenes, actually.

To the point, let me know everything related to me. I have my rights for that. I’m tired for continuesly pretending not to know everything instead of understanding all the reasons for every single thing people did, and spreading those happy athmospheres. Last, I don’t know if some people really need these words, I’m not into someone, seriously. So what are people waiting for? Just ruin me ’till it completely broken.


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