Jimbaran at Night

I was waiting my seafood orders come, when suddenly a group of people came around and sang this song with theirextraordinary music instruments. Left of me there’s an Australian family. Two of them, the daughter and maybe her girlfriend danced cheerfully, applaused by her family, and suddenly kissing each other. I smirked and pretending like I never saw that. In front of me there was a Japanase or Korean family, enjoying their silence. Yes, all of the noises of the crowded people there were all muffled by the sound of the sea waves. We’re about 7-10 meters from the seaside, where all what our feet could feel was just a soft clean sand. And where sometimes we could see the aeroplanes taking of or landing with their bright lights.

I played this song at one night and the next morning my daughter asked what song I’d played the night before.

“What was on your mind when listening to that song?”


Yes, it is Jimbaran at night, everytime I heard this song.


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