I’m Not Leaving

I could clearly remember how I finally decided to stay with what I’ve believed. This soul should be given one more chance, I thought. And once again, again, it lied to me. I may have troubles with my intuitions.

Yes. Hurt. Again. Began with all those shocking, dropping-heart-and-also-tears stories, and all the time coincidences. I cried a whole night then, and found out that I was not the only one dropped. That person-I-want-to-get-rid-of too. His was even worse.

Another dilemmatic situation.

Back to the basic principle. The reason why I could keep treating people neatly all this time is their kind doing they’d ever done for me. No matter how big their mistakes are then, I hardly could forget their kindness, so that I keep helping them.

“So you’re the one who should be responsible for th..”

“Yes, I will”

Such a small, trivial, forgettable dialogue.. but could make me stupid enough to keep my kindness.

Final decision, I’m not leaving. I won’t.


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