Naked Kitchen

Finished watching the last 5 parts of this movie last night. Fyi, I watched the early parts months ago, and quite hard to find a ‘proper’ time to continue watch this on my pc šŸ˜›

Well, I should say that this is another movie that made me can’t wait to get married, lol, after A Moment to Remember. Eventhough, yaa, the first scene successfully shocked me, but I just like the way this movie illustrates the sweet side of a marriage life. Cute, sweet, spoiling, and teasing Ahn Moo Rae; A patient, sometimes cool, lovable husband; and the ..okay, again, teasing, cool Park Du Re. I meant, I like the way the two of them, Ahn Moo Rae and her husband loving each other. Cute, for god’s sake!

But the ending was totally disappointing to me. Hard to understood it for the 1st time, but I heard Ahn Moo Rae spilled out “how can you do this? we’ve already divorced for few months,”. Why they should have divorced? Just because a man who suddenly had come to help the husband’s bussiness. Instead, he finally went back to France, and I think they actually could continue their life happily, without any disturbing things anymore.

Seems I am the one who gets panic here. Well, at least that’s what I would do if such things happen to me šŸ˜‰

Overall, I like this movie, a lot.


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