I Took It Seriously

I think that was the first time, eh?

Well, how do you think a thirteen year old girl will react if a twenty-something year old man says something such “You’ll be always in the deepest of my heart”?

Yes, I took it seriously. All with those charismatic, sincerely smiles, and the best man’s attitude ever.

Several weeks ago I met that guy on facebook, since it’s been a long time, maybe about six or seven years I didn’t meet him.

“Is this really you?” he asked.

“Yea it’s me, and whooa, are you married now?” he didn’t answer it and just talked about something elses.

I took a look at his album and found so many pictures of him with his baby.

Mister, you know something? I’ve already known what kind of daddy you’ll be since first I met you.

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