Another Me

That interesting dialogue came when one of my friend found me starring at something crowded.

“Have you ever thought what will the men think seeing those people do that?”

“Don’t get it wrong, some men just like that kind of those things. But if I were a man, I surely won’t like them,”

“Then who would you like?”

“Of course me, I mean Dinda, the woman version of me,”

She bursted into laughs.

“Why? Won’t you like this you if you were a man?”


That was my turn to laughed.

“You know, I always be something I like. I’m trying
to be a woman someone-like-me would like, from the way I’m talking, sitting, joking, smiling, or even starring,”

And I just realized that when I was saying the last sentence. I can’t lie but, I like another me…


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