A Moment to Remember

Have just finished watching A Moment to Remember. You know what I like most from this movie? Yes, the theme. Marriage. Great. Inspirrrrational! For example, at an early part, the first day after the wedding, I just like the way Chul Soo bring Su Jin to the room. Other example, at part 11, actually I really want to embed the video here but somehow I feel it would be unethiced. Okay, first, I found such a scene that made my heart yelled Gosh, I have never thought someone can pose like that before!, again, inspirrrrational! Second, I love the dialog when they posed like that, somekind of eheuheuuww..especially “you mean in and out?” words that had made me burst into shy laughs and rewatched it for some times. Oh I feel like a perv :”>, but seriously, this is not as dirty as you think, just watch it and.. God I wanna get married, lmao

I almost forgot that some friends of mine recommended me this movie because I like sad mellow movie. Wait.. I didn’t even drop any tears while watching this. I felt so heartless. I often cry even it’s such a not so sad movie, but.. hmm, did I loose my sensivity or something like that? Instead, I only focus on their marriage romantic life and how manly Chul Soo was.

Man, I think I’m too excited writing this. Someday I will feel this as a trashy post when I read back again.


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