Goong’s Dialogues

Yesterday I watched Princess Hours as usual on ctchannel, it was the part when Chae Gyeong had kept asking Shin to get divorce, didn’t want to live her role as the palace’s doll anymore. In the next morning, her teacher read a poem in front of the class,

I had used to stand on the ground

Sky is too high for me

Even I have a dream to be like a gull,

Flying high to the sky

And even I start to have my wings grown

Sky is still too high for me

Then it was the break time. Chae Gyeong and Hyo Rin stood opposite each other at the quite school corridor

“I’m going to go abroad to reach my old dream,”

“I’m sure you’ll be a famous great ballerina,”

“It’s hard to live in the palace, isn’t it? Someday you have to make yourself free from there,”

“Hyo Rin a, do you think we can make a friend someday, when you go back here?”

“Sometimes the worst thing can be the most beautiful memory,”

“We only have to be mature to reach it, right?”

In the evening Shin was going to go to the airport, saying goodbye to Hyo Rin, but he found her wife sitting morosely,

“I’m going to go to the airport to meet Hyo Rin, will you come with me?”

“No, just go yourself,”

“Really, if you don’t want me to go, I won’t go,”

“No, just go yourself, I have my own reason not to come with you. There are lot of things-I-don’t-know you’ve shared with Hyo Rin. I don’t want to ruin your farewell with her,”

I watched that episode seriously, and can’t stop thinking all the dialogues till now. Sky? I think I have lot of skies, even my wings are already fully grown. Yeah like I’d written on previous post, even the worst thing will be a good memory, cos we won’t experience it again. It’s so true that maturity can throw that drama-queen-highschool-relationship. And I feel like, there are lot of things-I-don’t-know people around me have shared to others.


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