In The Name of Reason Being Hijjabbed

Finally I bought it. I bought the book. Currently reading The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. A little bit awkward when taking it to the cashier because of its ‘wooah’ cover. Hello? I’m hijjabbed.

Personally for me, instead of ‘wooah’, the cover looks elegant, and I’m not sure people will think it in the same way. And I don’t agree that I was awkward because of the cover. I’m denying myself.

I mean, being hijjabbed actually doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know or touch mature things, right? Why do people always think that way? Why do people think that we shouldn’t know how.. how.. and how? Why do people think that we shouldn’t watch K rated movie? In the name of reason being hijjabbed.

Now don’t think I’m defending myself of what I’ve done. Seriously. Really. It’s just.. I feel unfair by social view that made me should feel awkward buying that kind-covered book.

I know this may controversial for you, but that was just my personal thought, and I never push you to be agree with me =)


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