How Can We Know?

I found this literature on my diary, it’s written there : Monday, 14th June 2010

How can we know if someone is brave enough to make a commitment before we see him getting married?

How can we know if someone loves his children before we see him taking care of his children?

How can we know if someone is responsible to his family before we see him working hard to fulfill his family’s needs?

I think that’s why some women decide to choose a different, taboo, unsual way of life, and willingly accept their destiny as a second woman.

I don’t say all of the second woman has that kind of reason to do that. But some of them, maybe the abnormal, hard-to-trust one, think that way.

You’ll say, “But you can see his ability from his routinity before he gets married!”

Ya, I know, we can know his bravery of making commitment from how he makes the love relationship with us. We can know his love to children from how he takes care his nephews or nieces. And we can know his responsibility from how he does all of his promises.

But again, personally, I hardly trust a man until I can see the reality that happens in my life. When I’m living my life with him. Or when he’s living his life with his wife.

When he’s already married.


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