Living There

First step. A medium size room with its plasma tv, some sofas, and an elegant square table. I just can spend my time there for hours, watching tv or movies, put my feet on the sofa’s hand, changing channels as long as I want.

The kitchen, with its fulled of buttons fridge, latest model of stove and oven, some wooden or glassy shelves. Sometimes I stop watching for a moment, walk to the kitchen with my hotel sandals, press some buttons on the fridge, the sound is quiet funny, bip bip bip, take out a carton of juice, put it on the kitchen table, then take out my wine glass from the shelves, pour the juice into it. Or take out a snack, or having a coffee doesn’t sound really bad.

It’s night already, time for sleep. But wait, I have to clean myself before go to bed. I walk to the toilet, take a shower in the glassy room, switch on the toilet mirror’s lamp, brushing teeth, take a look myself at the mirror for a moment, and done.

The bedroom, has a king-sized bed, think it’ll be too big for me. So I think, ehm.. nevermind. The bed is so soft that I hardly wake from it. The warm spring bed, totally cover me, sometimes I hide myself below it, till you can only see my eyes, forehead, and wavy hair. Beside the bed, there’s a make up mirror and buffet. I always look at my reflection at the mirror before I go to sleep. I don’t know what I’m doing but, it always take some hours. Sitting, looking, thinking, and dreaming. Combing my hair with the fingers. Use every single product I have on the table. Beautiful, and I’m ready to take a rest.

Sunshine already get through my bedroom’s window, and wake me up. Stretching up, walk down from the bed, the silk sleep dress that I’m wearing looks so pretty when the back part of it fall from the bed when I get up. I walk to the kitchen, serve a hot tea, and maybe this will be the best part. I bring my hot tea out to the balcony. Standing there for a quiet long time, glancing at everything behind, with the ‘just woke up’ wavy hair, but think it looks so elegant.

And that was what I thought when I was visiting my friend’s elegant apartment. I thought every single activity if I stay alone at a place like that. Haven’t thought if I live there with someone else. Gonna be thinking about it soon. Must be more exciting, isn’t it?

cc pic : Philip and Karen Smith – Getty Images


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