the turns between happiness and sadness

had a weird dream last night.

I was in a train fulled of old–styled people. I think it was in 18th century. We all wore beautiful dresses and tidy coats. And everybody started dancing there. They all made couples. I didn’t have a couple anyway, standing and starring at the beautiful sceneries outside. But in the end I began worry if there would be no one wanted to dance with me. Suddenly someone walked toward me, and asking me for a dance. I was happy and glancing at his eyes. Apparently he’s an English. That was really great.

The train journey finally was over. I got out from the train and realized that the station didn’t as crowd as usual. I saw some bodies laid on the floor. They died.  I knew something wasn’t right at that moment. So did other people. We walked silently, sometimes hiding too.  Suddenly there were some scaring people bringing chopping knifes found all of us. Then we were told to make two lines. Men and women’s lines. We had to walked to the path they told us. I became the first woman in the women’s line. One scaring person beside me said that he would kill me if I walked slower and made the women behind me walk slower too. I was thinking, isn’t the women behind me who will make me walked slower? And that was right. I walked slower coz the the women behind me walked slower. I starred at the scaring person. He swang his chopper knife. I was totally frightened, but realized that he actually swang that thing to the men’s line beside me, coz their line walked slower than me.

then I woke up…

how can happiness and sadness coming by turns so quickly?

that’s what we called ‘a life

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