it has been 5 years

I got into the vehicle and saw someone I’ve been thinking for years.

I glanced at him and he did either. We both felt knowing each other, but I can’t remember when I officially introduced myself to him.

I was lost in my own thought, but still could see him in the corner of my eyes, and I’m sure he saw me in the same way. He didn’t see straightly and relax like  people usually do.

We got out of the vehicle at the same place. And I’ve just lost him. Again.


I’m going to talk to you,

It has been almost 5 years since I last met you. The 30 minutes weren’t enough for me. I didn’t even say “How are you?”, or actually I would like to say, “nice haicut” to you.

I heard about your father’s death, I knew that you have moved and stayed in other city, I made a friend with your cousin, but I couldn’t see you at that time.

And it doesn’t mean I’ll forget everything.

I won’t forget how you look like.

Thanks for the coincidence today.


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