Kang Bok Gu & Cha Moo Hyuk

kang bok gu & cha moo hyuk

Those are pictures of Kang Bok Gu (Rain, A Love to Kill) and Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub, I’m Sorry I Love You).

I find some resemblance in their roles, well this is just my own opinion, I’m not a great viewer, hehe

  • Both of them looked very (sorry) terrible before. Kang Bok Gu used to be a gangster and so Cha Moo Hyuk in Australia.
  • Both of them love candy. You can see Kang Bok Gu often eats his lollipops and Cha Moo Hyuk chews his gums.
  • Both of them can out of control suddenly, and throw away everything beside them.
  • They don’t talk to much, but once they love someone, they’ll be really faithful.
  • Both of them became a bodyguard of an actress and actor or something like that. Kang Bokg Gu became a bodyguard of Cha Eun Suk and Cha Moo Hyuk became a manager and also driver of Choi Yune.

About the setting of the drama, A Love to Kill uses night setting more often  than I’m Sorry I Love you. And the soundtrack, both  of the dramas have a really really amazing soundtracks!

But honestly, I prefer A Love to Kill to I’m Sorry I Love You. There is no blood, but seriously, it scaring me a lot, idk if it’s just about the night setting or something else. Or maybe because KBSworld aired the drama at night, when I was the one who watched the TV in living room, hahah. And also, A Love to Kill made me crying more than I’m Sorry I Love You did. I really like the way Cha Eun Suk crying.

So it means I prefer Kang Bok Gu to Cha Moo Hyuk. I want to see Rain in more dramas!!! ~_~


4 thoughts on “Kang Bok Gu & Cha Moo Hyuk

  1. i’m disagree with you..
    I’m sorry i love you is more more.. make my tears down, and espescially at the end that was the saddest part i’ve ever seen in my lifetime until now.

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