It was cleared yo

I’m going to loose some people I love these days. Patethic, aren’t I?

And it was cleared.

Totally cleared.

Even I didn’t  know it directly from the subject.

I’ve ever though this, more is not always means better. There are times when I feel better not knowing the fact of something, because not all the facts are nice to hear or know.

I better keep going,  and make the circumstance like I want.

In this case, I actually never have any desire to know about the truth. But unluckily, in the end I have to know this.


I’m sure Min Hyo Rin didn’t mind to wait in a longer time, if she had known Shin would tell her a nice truth. But unluckily, after waiting for years, she found that finally he gave her bad truth : choosing another girl. And she must be thinking, “So why should I wait him for several years?”

Why I should wait him for 4 years?

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