Suddenly I’m thinking about my future. It’s because these days I meet or read the blog of many success people. As you know, like going abroad or something like that for education.

They look happy in the pictures. And I can’t imagine how they’ve worked really hard to get that. I wonder if they have ever felt desperate for studying, like I’m now.

I’m totally desperate of studying right now.

This is just a second grade of high school, when I’m so lazy, that every day of weekend I usually spend many many many times for sleeping, and when I wake up, I just wanna go browsing and watch TV. Is it normal? Am I having hypersomnia desease?

I must be really sick when I’m in the last grade, if still combining this laziness with the big exams.

I don’t know what I want to be or do in the future.

PS : I’ve a not so big exam tomorrow, but when I was studying my mind kept going to the laptop, and I couldn’t wait any longer to browsing, and finally I left my study -.-

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