Kim Joon’s “Yo” Words

hooahhm, heii, I musn’t be sleepy, I’ve waken up from my long sleep just about 2 hours ago, hahahah.

Yea, I’m studying a little bit of Norway right now, because tomorrow I’m going to visit the embassy. Such a beautiful country…

By the way, I’ve just watched the mmm, I forgot the episode, but yaaaa, that was the second time I heard Kim Joon said “Yo” words. Seriously I like the way he mentioned that word!


remember Emma Watson’s smile I told you before?

First time I knew that “Yo” word is identical with him, was when I read the article about Kim Joon’s tote bag. I mean, he designed the tote. Lol, his designed is just like a drawing from the playground’s kid, that’s what I heard from Live Journal, (read this too, huahaha). For me, as long as the tote was designed by him, I don’t really mind to buy one :mrgreen: . Yea, beside the picture, he wrote the “Yo knocked” words. I don’t really understand about the words, but I think “knock” word tells that the boy on the picture wants to knock the door. And…about the “Yo” word, hmm, it sounds funny, although I don’t understand. He has shown his rapper side by writing the “Yo” word. You know, rappers usually like to use that kind of words.


After that, I just wanna know how will it sounds if Kim Joon who was saying that. Suddenly, when I was watching scene where Geum Jandi came to Jun Pyo’s house, and there was Wubin too, suddenly he said, “Yo, Jandi,”

He is a real rapper.

I was still addicting with the word, when tonight I saw him again, the scene where F3 (without Jun Pyo), came to Geum Jandi’s new house, this time he said, “Hey Yo,”

He gave touches of his rapper side on those scenes.



5 thoughts on “Kim Joon’s “Yo” Words

  1. Haha gangstah rapper Kim Joon! ❤

    but imho, the drawing in the tote bag is… not a good one. XD I was surprised that HE actually draw like a 6-year-old. lol I’m sorry, no offense! 😀

  2. yes, that’s why I wrote above that his designed is just like a drawing from playground’s kid. but yeaa, as long as it made by him, I don’t mind to buy it, hehe…

  3. Well i dont know what he wanted to mean saying “YO”, but i can tell you that “YO” means “I” or “ME” in spanish and also it is an expresion to call attention from somebody else. For example we can say “YO, GIVE ME SOME WATER”

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