I’ve already had much rests for sure. I don’t know why but I feel that I still need them more. It makes me don’t wanna do many activities, and of course, hate something or someone who makes me doing them.

That’s hella annoying.

By the way, today, for the several times, I thought about the poor tastes of…well, forget it. I checked this site again, and wondering if I was born there. Gee, they have great items, especially the long-armed clothes. But thinking it again, I’m not sure I’ll need those long-armed clothes (plus, my veil) if I were a part of them, I mean, if I were Korean,

I must be crazier than I’m now…

Umm, maybe I’ll get rid of this ugliness with here and there plastic surgeries, hehe.

Over all, what do you think? Is that mean better or worse?


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