the saddest person

It’s a late night, and I can’t call anyone, so I decided to write here.

I feel so tired, of all these fuckin things. This is too monotone, besides, pressures are coming from around, and I don’t have something nice to do, cheering up myself. Too many things I expected. I love Dee’s words in Rectoverso which says

“He is the happiest person, because he doesn’t know what he can’t get. And I’m the saddest person because I know all the things that I can’t get”

And why I should know all those things?  All the things I can’t get.

Almost all,



4 thoughts on “the saddest person

  1. haha,,
    are u trying to say,
    it’s better if we don’t know what we can’t get ?
    well mayb that’s true,,
    but damn it, of course we know it very well,
    how can’t we?
    lolz XD

    anywayz, great thought^^

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