good news?

yeay, I’m having my free evening today, although I had to go home late, and found my sister in a huge cry…

Well, I just have less than an hour for browsing today. Hmm, what should I write now?

Okay, first, the good news is that Norway Embassy has approve our request for visiting them. Fiuh finally. But…actually last week our group had sent the letters to all countries in West Europe. There are about 13 countries. And now we have no idea how to reject the other country’s approval if they let us visiting them -.-

Second, mmm, heuhe, I wonder what his answer was. Was that ‘Euh, you must be joking,”, “Eh?”, “Yea,” or maybe the prettiest one, “Yap, I’ve known that since a long time ago,”. Huaaaah 😀 , never mind. Oh I mean, I should mind this. This is about my futere (?), hahah.

Third, I don’t know if this news should be catagoried in the good or bad news. We’ve just known that the consular there can’t speak Indonesian. Uh, my friend and I will be in a hard work to communicate well with the consular. But, heiii, does it mean I’ll be the speaker there? Hearing ‘speaker’ word makes me feel exciting. I’m just like him 🙂

Last, I’ll on my lovely Boys Before Flower at 8 pm, followed by A Love to Kill. Gooshh, seriously, I adore Lee Ki Woo (the secondary actor in A Love to Kill) sooo much. I don’t mind if he is an ambitious man or whatever. But being obsessed by an elegant, expected welfare, and of course, good looking guy seems like be the last life purpose of every woman in the world, including me, hahah. Luckily he’s a good looking guy. If he’s not, maybe I’ll agree with Cha Eun Suk’s betrayment with his (euuh) bodyguard.

Oh, now it’s almost 8 pm! Time for having fun!

Annyong 🙂

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