gorgeous ajusshis :P

First of all, let me scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, for Kim Jae Won’s military service’s time since few days ago. Jo In Sung too, but I don’t really care of him. It’s all about Kim Jae Won, the first korean actor I like, from the Wuri’s Family drama! It seems I won’t see his acts anymore for at least 2 years, or more than that, because he’ll need a rest. Oh come on, why does it take so long time? But however, let’s give him all the luck as he serves his country. And also, we’re waiting for your six pack abs, Jae Won, lol :mrgreen:. By the way, I’ve realized that he has became an ajusshi, so that’s why he should go for the military service 😀 .



He was tearing up and hugged his friends…

Then, well, I don’t know if this is such a good or bad news, but, yea, Lee Dong Gun has a new girlfriend. This gorgeous ajusshi was spotted going to Nike shop to buy couple shoes with his girlfriend. Isn’t that cute? 🙂 . Finally he has revived after his broke up with Han Ji Hye few years ago. Wait, few years ago? Hmm, I think he always tries to be serious in every relationship, right? Seeing his new girl, I make this thought too, that physical appearance doesn’t mean all for him. The fact that she wears glasses is also make me happy too! (eh?) :mrgreen:



And in the end of this posting, I just wanna share a great song. The title is Bogoshipda by Kim Bum Soo. This is the song from Stairway to Heaven’s soundtrack. Allcomments said that the drama is really great, and makes cry a lot, is that true? I had ever watched it for just one episode, but actually, I didn’t really like the casts, except Kwon Sang Woo of course, but huaa, I don’t think KSW look as gorgeous as usual there, not like now.

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