Perfection. The thing which most people desiring for.
Appearance. Something which people looking for the first time.

A perfect appearance, is desired for all people who wanna be liked by others. Or, someone else.
It’s so simple for me, the meaning of a perfect appearance.

Being simple, normal, and not doing something unusual, weird, whatever.

I’m asking myself
Where’s the elegant and ethiced Song Ji Hyo?
Where’s the usual sillyness of Geum Jandi?

I’m cheering up myself
If Song Ji Hyo got ‘mad’ on Sex is Zero 2 and A Frozen Flower
And if Geum Jandi was ashamed by Go Jun Pyo in the first episode of Boys Over Flower

then why should I worry about this?

I wonder wether Song Ji Hyo and Geum Jani cried and regreted what they had done before…
If ya,
So there’s nothing unusual with what I’m doing right now. Luckily, I’m with the right people at the moment.

This song haunts me for several times

shit I’m crying for you today


3 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. gw hampir tiap malem kali din…

    udalha dya ga bakalan inget ini..hha..

    gw sering mlakukan hal itu thadap di2p,,,


  2. @ nanno babo : hah bener? gue ngga tau lo gitu, hehee

    @ neorhazes : yang di radio maksudnya? pernah sekali denger, cuma ngga pernah lagi, soalnya susah nyari gelombangnya, 😀

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