hate this Monday

music : I’m Sorry I Love You OST

what you really want to do now : sewing someone’s lips

I don’t really believe the “I hate Monday” statement. Eventhough Monday will be always the beginning of helldays–schooldays, but sometimes there’s something precious happens on that day. But, especially today, I don’t think I’ve got a nice Monday.

It was started when I felt queasy for a whole day, continued by a weird thought that came to me suddenly, said “you’re in a really bad appearance today”, and I just didn’t want to go to school this morning.

At school, I felt a vibration at both of my eyes. I thought I’ll be in a huge teary today. Huff, there was something who made me wanna sew someone’s lips, it was so jerk, and annoyed me. Then I didn’t have any lunch this afternoon. Then, then…

Then I felt my life was soo monotone today. Nothing special happened.

At least there was not, until the evening, suddenly, and unpredictably, the milennium world’s king talked to me. Although I was screaming over loud, and got my eyes teary (got 1), it only amused me for a moment. I realized something, and euuh, he’s such a pervert, hate that so much. Well, it was disappointing. Forget it.

At night I watched Boys Before Flower on the hmmm, I forget the episode, but actually it touched me, and again, got my eyes teary (got 2). “This is what should be happened, Din”. If only…

Oh, come on, wake up Din, today was nothing and so nothing to be precioused. Let’s see how tomorrow will be going. Let’s see how this day has affected the next days of my life.

I want to sleep now and dreaming something or, someone(?) nice…


PS : Whooa, I’ve just read on Popseoul, today is White Day. What a coincidence, hmm, in the end of the day I don’t think so :mrgreen:

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