What will you do if you suddenly realize a bad thing in a good thing? I mean, you’ve seen something great since long time ago, but suddenly realize, that thing is really bad for you…

I wonder why someone can change his/her appearance into a worse one…

Yeah, you, why did you?

What makes you looks worse than usual :

  • Bad hairstyle, euuh, I like the one when we first met 😦
  • Actually I don’t know what to think about this change. You turned into another me, but, it doesn’t look good with you, so you better take it off
  • You, with your girl, huahahaha (I still can remember how her face was. I thought she was Ening, or another sundanese junior high school girls).

It was a shame, huhu, and some of them have already planned to see him. Why should I do? hahaha, in a moment I think that will be funny enough to make us laugh over loud.

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