Robot Gee Dance

I think the Gee dance becomes familiar for me, eventhough I’m not a huge fan of them, hehe. That’s because almost all of the tv quizzes I watched, invited SNSD as their guests. Well, last night I watched Quiz Expedition on KBS, and found them as the guests in Kwangwoon University, and almost all of the participants performed the Gee Dance.

But what made me laugh a lot was robit (humanoid robot team) performance. At first I didn’t think that was a great performance, the participants just dancing behind their robots. In the end they told the girls that the robots could also do the Gee dance! Whew, then I saw the robots dancing together with SNSD, lol.

The robots did the breakdance [3:34] and dirty dance [4:04] too :mrgreen:

They were really cool hahaha


2 thoughts on “Robot Gee Dance

  1. I watched the show either at KBS World and OMG… that was sooo very funny and amazing. It seems like dancing robots become very popular in Korea…

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