Prince Hours OST

A few days ago my friend gave me 2 songs of Prince Hours aka Goong S. Mmmm, at the first time I was not really interested with the OST, as you know, I don’t really like Goong S. That was because, ehm, there was not a lot of hottie or pretty actors and actresses, like Princess Hours. Okay, Se7en is a hottie, but when I saw the second actor, rrghhhh, he was, ehm (again), Ian Kasela look a like, like my friend said, wuahaha. So I thought I can’t watch it :mrgreen: . No one can beat Princess Hours…

Back to the main idea, what I want to show now is the OST. I couldn’t help my self replaying those 2 songs. And when I heard them for the first time, I just knew that the singers were (as usual) Howl, and J, and I think they have a really really great voice to hear, easy to remember. I found these mv on youtube

First, the song by Howl, Miracle

Yeah you can see there, Ian Kasela  :mrgreen: (1:32), fyi, he was born in 1979, wuahahaha, that’s too old, and…can you believe that the second actress (3:06) was born in 1990? She’s so young! You have to know that in the end of the drama they (Ian Kasela and the 2nd actress) would be paired, lol. What a really far-aged couple 😀

Then, the song by J, Junhaji Mothal Man (I can’t found a better version than this)

What a great song!! That J’s will be the last mellow song for today,  good night 🙂


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