additional actor

g : O my O gosh (I was ready for singing the SNSD’s Oh Em Gee)

a : O gosh


a : AAAAA!

then we found the accurate date of that ‘disaster’, and looked at their photos.

g : tuh kan de, cewenya tuh biasa ajaaaaa

a : haaah, iyaaaa 😥

I just couldn’t calming down myself. Looked like my sister was also so frustated. She started singing his favorite song.

a : give me give me give me your love…

Then I changed the lyric.

g : get rid get rid get rid of her…

a : kill her kill her kill her kill her…

g : gue kutuk bisnisnya ancur..rgghh

a : wah, besok gue labrak nih dia

It followed by our evil imaginations, actually those made us laugh a lot.

a : eh, ikutan termehek-mehek yu, ntar jadi gini nih


a : endingnya dia kabur naek G5. Orang mah keren ya kabur naik mobil atau motor, lah ini naek G5, wuahahahaha

a : trus kita mualafin aja dia. Ntar namanya ganti jadi Sahid Abdullah. Wuakakaka

LOL LOL LOL. Ternyata hal yang paling menyakitkan pun bisa jadi hal menyenangkan 🙂

Dan satu hal: He is nobody. He’s just an additional actor in my drama life…

(I’m still hearing mellow song, and I’m sure that I’m okay)


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