Seung-Ri on Star Golden Bell Challenge

I watched the Star Golden Bell Challenge last night, and I can’t stop laughing during the show. The guests are Seung-Ri (everybody there called him “Victory”, and I don’t know why), four members of Girls Generation (I forget their names but remember their faces, hehe), Ui Cheol (I’m not sure about his name, I only know he took a role in Boys Before Flower episode 1, as a looser who was given the red card from F4, and almost commited suicide, remember?), and some actors and actress whose faces are familiar for me, but I don’t know them.

As usual, before the quiz started, the host told some jokes about them, then he asked his guests one by one. Seung-Ri, I thought he was a quiet guy, but actually, he is a talkative man, and Ui Cheol, he is a really really cool guy, he was sooo quiet with a manly tone of voice, but he said that his tone of voice usually makes a missunderstand with other people.

Then after having some interviews, the four members of Girls Generation performed their Gee dance, and wuahahaha, some of male guests there had planned a surprise for the girls by dancing the Gee dance too. Seung-Ri also showed his performance, Strong Baby aka “Crack Crack” dance, whatever, but I think that was a cool dance.

Okay, what I want to talk about now, is Seung-Ri’s habit. He told everybody there that he usually do something when he meet someone. And guess what? It was the same habit with me! I was ashamed when he said that. It is a…mmm bad habit, and… a little bit nasty? Uaah, I don’t know when I actually start doing that as a habit, but I remember it began last year, when my friend told the meaning of that activity. I did that, and it just became my habit. Until now.

Oh, and I found the videos at youtube :

Let see Seung-Ri with his “Crack Crack”, and when the man performed the Gee dance, huahaha, does anybody know who he is? And I can’t lie myself that I adore Uicheol (4:57), you can see him sitting behind Seung-Ri 😀


4 thoughts on “Seung-Ri on Star Golden Bell Challenge

  1. lol you have same habit with baby Seungri? the lip thing??

    actually there’s 8 SNSD members up there… all the girls in first and second line were SNSD. *of course I already watched the whole show just because of them* ^^

    UiChul is just adorable! but his cold tone really is a turn off. lol
    did you see when he pretend to having blind-date with SNSD Yuri (@ 08:40)? rofl.
    it’s really funny and mean at the same time.

  2. oh.. I forgot to add that they called Seungri as Victory because “seungri” means “victory”, his real name is Lee Seunghyun.

  3. @ crazy51 : yess, the lip thing, huahaha *shy*. wow you’ve watched it too. his tone at first sounded weird for me, but I thought that was a hot tone voice, and the way he said “Have you eat” to Yuri, oh come on, she is a SNSD’s member but he just asked a standard question like that, hehee 😀

    oooh, now I know what victory means, gomawo 🙂

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